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It’s not the end of the Campaign to End Loneliness

As the Campaign to End Loneliness enters the next phase of its journey with the Centre for Loneliness Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, we hear how the movement to tackle loneliness will continue to be championed under the expert leadership of Professor Andrea Wigfield and Associate Professor Antonia Ypsilanti. What next for the Campaign to…
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Collaboration is at the core of the Campaign to End Loneliness

Loneliness can affect anyone, at any stage in life. Tackling loneliness has therefore always demanded a collaborative approach, from community to research, from national to global approaches and understanding. How it all began The Campaign started off as a collaboration between five organisations in 2011. True to the way it was created, it never has…
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Sky x Campaign to End Loneliness: Supporting and informing strategy

Claire Du Preez, Communities Programme Manager at Sky, highlights the impact of our partnership. A huge thank to our partners at Sky who have made many of our events possible due to their generous sponsorship.  “Sky has been proud to work in partnership with the Campaign” Loneliness is a complex issue which can pervade all…
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Continuing the action on loneliness

Last week we held our online conference, Loneliness: The next five years, and brought together over 400 delegates from civil society, business, academia, and politics. Thank you to our speakers, attendees, thought leader sponsor Sky, and to you all for making this event possible.  If you were unable to get a ticket, you can now…
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