Tackling Loneliness Hub


Everyone based in England who is working on loneliness is welcome to join the Tackling Loneliness Hub, an online community that we run on behalf of the DCMS. The Hub currently represents over 430 members from over 300 organisations across the public, private, academic and charitable sectors.

The Hub enables members to connect with others working to reduce loneliness and ask questions in a safe and supportive space.

Based on member feedback:

  • 86% of members say the Hub is helping them to widen their professional network in the loneliness community. 
  • 80% of members say the Hub is informing the action their organisation is taking to tackle loneliness.
  • 91% of members say the content shared on the Hub is useful to them. 
  • 95% of members say they learn something new at Hub workshops and events. 

What members say

“I have met so many incredible organisations and enjoy and find their coffee roulette meetings very useful. Excellent way to network.”

“Gave me loads of ideas and valuable information to use to help our organisation reach members of our community.”

“I felt that I got a much better understanding of how tackling loneliness can be done through warm spaces and also how they can link to other services as well.”

“Loads of value for me – info and contacts and inspiration. Thanks so much. Liked the friendly style.”