The Campaign to End Loneliness is overseen by a management group which provides its governance and strategic direction, alongside the Campaign’s Executive Director Laura Alcock-Ferguson and the senior leadership team.

The management group is made up of individuals with strong experience of the issues addressed by the Campaign as well as the skills the Campaign needs to succeed.

The management group is officially a committee of Independent Age.

Financial administration and legal accountability for the Campaign is provided by Independent Age (registered charity number 210729), the ‘host organisation’.

Independent Age is the employer of the Campaign’s staff, and its Trustees have ultimate responsibility for its use of funds, its charitable and legal responsibilities.

Management group

  • Guy Robertson  – Director of Positive Ageing Associates, Consultant
  • Claire Lowson –  Brand Consultant
  • Catherine Underwood –  Local Authority Senior Manager (Nottingham City Council)
  • Rebecca Kennelly –  Director of Volunteering at Royal Voluntary Service
  • Estelle McCartney –  Trustee  – Independent Age, partner at Instinctif, International Business Communications Consultancy
  • Richard Kramer –  CEO, Sense
  • Paul Cann –  Ageing and loneliness specialist