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Our podcast series on loneliness

Our podcast series on loneliness (2021) Loneliness Explored was our limited series of podcasts on different aspects of loneliness produced during Covid-19.  Each episode looked at an aspect of loneliness whether it is bereavement, communities, conversations and psychology.  Many thanks to our expert contributors including: Michelle Dawson, who has worked at the front line of…
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Should we be talking about loneliness, or tackling it by stealth?

Bianca Rossetti, Age-Friendly Project Officer, at Bristol Ageing Better shares insights on whether we should be talking to those our work seeks to benefit about loneliness.  Should we be talking about loneliness? “But I don’t WANT to be surrounded by ‘lonely people” protests a woman invited into a ‘lonely lunch club’. While exaggerated for effect…
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