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Measuring your impact on loneliness in later life

Are you working to prevent or reduce loneliness in your community? Can you articulate the difference you are making to the lives of older people? We’re all working in an increasingly competitive funding environment, and we all need to be able to demonstrate, robustly, that we’re making a difference. Over the past year, the Campaign…
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Loneliness across the life course

Loneliness is often, and rightly, perceived as a problem that can be particularly associated with those in later life.  Certainly, here at the Campaign, this is the issue that we are grappling with.  However, we are acutely aware that much less attention has been paid to how loneliness affects other age groups; a recent Big…
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Want to learn more about loneliness, isolation and wellbeing?

“What is so fascinating about loneliness? For me, it’s about the degree to which loneliness is part of the human experience, its part of what makes us human…but increasingly the research agenda around loneliness has been very much focused on health consequences” Professor Christina Victor, Brunel University In mid-April, the NIHR School for Social Care…
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