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Coffee Afrik: Bringing community together over a cup of coffee

We heard from Abdirahim Hassan, co-founder and MD of Coffee Afrik CIC, of how their hubs based in boroughs across London are connecting communities and tackling loneliness. Tackling loneliness has to start with healing In my view, place making or tackling loneliness has to start with healing and what healing looks like, through love and…
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The power of community and connection amidst the cost of living crisis

Many of us across the UK are feeling the growing impact of energy, food and fuel price rises. The decrease in disposable income not only makes it harder to make ends meet but can lead to pressure on social activities and reduce opportunities to connect with others. This blog explores some of the impacts of…
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Rebuilding social connection is vital

Dr Vivek Murthy, United States Surgeon General, shared why rebuilding social connection and tackling loneliness is vital for individual and wider societal health and wellbeing, at the Campaign to End Loneliness international conference. The quality of our connections matter “Loneliness is similar to hunger or thirst. It’s a warning sign that we need something to…
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