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Reaching out worldwide: A word from our founder

Written by Paul Cann, Co-founder, Campaign to End Loneliness and CEO, Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection. Heralding a landmark in the loneliness community It is a truth, almost universally acknowledged, that loneliness is part of the human condition: the primal desire to connect with others for safety, comfort and sustenance. Since we launched the…
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What does the word loneliness mean to you? Understanding cultural conceptualisations of loneliness

Jessica Rees, Research Associate for the DELONELINESS project at King’s College London, discusses findings from a series of workshops across the UK with people from minoritised ethnic groups.  What does the word loneliness mean to you? A feeling of emptiness inside your chest, the realisation that you are alone, missing that special someone, or feeling…
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Co-designing social care services to tackle loneliness: research on the AEBCD approach

Sara Ryan, Manchester Metropolitan University and Jane Maddison, University of York Accelerated Experience-Based Co-Design We recently completed a research project, funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research, to explore whether an effective approach to co-designing improvements in healthcare would transfer to a social care setting, using loneliness support as our exemplar. This…
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How warmth can alleviate winter loneliness

How warmth can alleviate winter loneliness It’s quite common to feel isolated during the winter months. As the daylight hours reduce and the weather gets colder, the season often brings with it a sense of loneliness and detachment from our social circle.  If we’re cold, we’re much more likely to feel lonely, according to a…
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