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Shaping our age and tackling loneliness

The Royal Voluntary Service is a founding partner of the Campaign to End Loneliness and like the other four partners (and our 400 supporter organisations), delivers both practical and research-based work in order to improve the lives of older people. Tackling loneliness through consultation Latest research from the Royal Voluntary Service, Shaping our Age, has…
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Loneliness increases use of health and care services

“A&E ‘struggling to cope with demand” ITV News “I wonder if my neighbours wonder ‘why is this man calling the ambulance all the time?’” Edgar, 79 Over the past few months there have beena number of reports showing that A&E across the country is in crisis, stretched to breaking point with the increasing number of…
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67 areas in England ignoring the health risks of loneliness and isolation

Today the Campaign to End Loneliness launches the results of a review into 152 health and wellbeing boards across England, which was designed to identify any early progress being made to combat loneliness in older age. Following the establishment of the health and wellbeing boards in April 2012, we launched Loneliness Harms Health, a campaign…
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Prepared to Care? Supporting carers to avoid loneliness and isolation

“Caring is incredibly isolating. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to try to hold on to your own friends, your own life.” A new report published yesterday to mark Carers Week 2013 provides fresh insight into the lives of 6.5 million carers in the United Kingdom, and the impact that caring for someone…
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Extra care housing: reducing social isolation and strengthening community life

Written by Jeremy Porteus, Director, Housing Learning and Improvement Network Intuitively, just as we accept the law of gravity but cannot really explain it, we know that extra care housing must reduce social isolation and loneliness. Next week, the Housing Learning and Improvement Network publishes a short report setting out the case for extra care…
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150 years old and still helping others to tackle loneliness!

One of our longest serving partners celebrates, and we celebrate their involvement in the Campaign In case you didn’t know, with all of our policy, campaigning, research and good practice sharing, the core Campaign team is pretty small: just 3 people. However, we have a huge opportunity to maximise our impact through working with our…
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