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What will Coronavirus mean for older people?

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), for many people, will mean a tough, but necessary period of social isolation. Many of us will miss family, friends, and taking part of hobbies, interests and activities. Our Campaign Manager for England, Andy Nazer, spoke to three older men about Coronavirus, and reflects on the impact it will have…
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Coronavirus and social isolation

Covid-19 lockdowns between March 2020 and the start of 2021 have made it harder for people to maintain their social connections. On this page we have some information and ideas for how we can all combat social isolation and look out for each other during the spread of the virus. We’ll also link to the…
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Keeping busy through bereavement: International Womens Day

Shelagh Marshall OBE, is Chair of Age Action Alliance’s Loneliness & Isolation working group. As part of our International Women’s Day blog series, highlighting female experiences of loneliness, she shares her story. She was diagnosed on Christmas Eve and given six months to live without treatment. She passed away on 9 March 2018. I’d never…
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