Guidance for local authorities and commissioners


Loneliness is a deeply personal experience, which makes addressing the issue particularly complex for commissioners and service providers.

This page provides adult social care, clinical commissioning groups and public health teams guidance on planning how to address the loneliness experienced by people in their local populations.

Strategic approach

Our loneliness framework sets out the full range of interventions needed from stakeholders across the community, beyond the health and social care sector, to support older people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, loneliness. This framework has been adapted from our Promising Approaches report.

As a first step, local commissioners should build a picture of local people affected by and at risk of loneliness in their local area. Existing services that address loneliness should be mapped, including the full range of interventions from the across the loneliness framework.

A good strategy will consider local assets as well as needs. These can include the practical skills of local residents, community networks and connections, and the resources of public, private and voluntary organisations.