Campaign to End Loneliness International Conference: Tackling loneliness for a new era of connection

 2 February 2022 9:50-5pm (GMT)

We are delighted to welcome you to our international conference for 2023.

The online Conference is the world’s largest conference dedicated to tackling loneliness. It brings together the threads of research and practice into a unique conversation, focused on what is working and the meaningful impact it is having on tackling loneliness.  With delegates from business, academia, politics, and media, we want to celebrate the people and organisations who are making a difference, showcasing innovative approaches to tackling loneliness from across the world.


Our sessions will cover the following areas:

Loneliness across the life course 

How does loneliness vary over our lifetimes and between recent generations? How can analysis of UK cohort data advance our understanding?

Young people and loneliness

Research shows that young people are a group of concern in terms of their experience and feelings of loneliness. What is the latest research on youth loneliness and what practical work is being done?

Funding loneliness projects 

This session is aimed at practitioners and commissioners to provide a better sense of what funders are looking for, and address the challenges of collecting strong qualitative data for small organisations or certain kinds of projects. How is the approach to funding and evaluation changing or developing in the current landscape?

Workplace loneliness 

Creating a workforce for the 21st century: why tackling loneliness at work makes good business sense. How can employers keep loneliness high on the agenda with changing ways of working?

Developing a place-based loneliness strategy
Harnessing the power of community networks and infrastructure to bring together the interests of lonely people.

●      What work is being done locally to develop cross-sector approaches to addressing loneliness?

●      What needs to happen to get a place-based loneliness strategy up and running, and to make it sustainable?

●      How can we ensure the voices of lonely people are heard and represented?

The cost of loneliness 

Making the case for tackling loneliness across communities, locally, nationally and internationally.What evidence do we have on the cost of loneliness? What evidence do we need?

Addressing loneliness in the digital world  

This session will look at the role of digital in tackling loneliness, and discuss the potential limitations and risks of using technology to reduce feelings of loneliness.

International perspectives on loneliness 


Poster session 

Have you carried out research research or worked on a project that has made a real difference to loneliness since November 2021? 

Come and share your learning with others! Our poster competition at our online conference on Thursday 2 February will showcase work on loneliness undertaken by practitioners, policymakers, researchers and employers.

Deadline for submissions and shortlisting is Wednesday 15 December at 9am (GMT).  

Details of poster competition

  1. In order to submit your poster presentation for the Campaign to End Loneliness, please complete this form, providing a short overview of your work to tackle loneliness and upload, preferably as a google slides presentation (maximum 5 slides).  If google slides is not possible, we can also accept Powerpoint slides or PDFs.  
  2. The deadline is  Wednesday 15 December 2022 9am (GMT) 
  3. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of researchers and practitioners arranged by the Campaign to End Loneliness. 
  4. If you are successful we will then ask if you wish to have any other materials in your page in our virtual exhibition hall which will be uploaded by Wednesday 11 January on our main conference website  
  5. Creators/Authors of the  very best presentations will be asked to record a 5-minute presentation and attend a parallel session at the Conference on Thursday 2 February 2022 between 13:15 and 14:15 (GMT) approximately.  This will be a chance for delegates to find out more about your presentation and ask any questions 
  6.  If it is not possible to attend due to time difference or another reason we will play your pre-recorded presentation  
  7.  A small Amazon voucher will be awarded to delegates who are asked to present at the conference 

You can find out more and submit your poster competition entry here.

If you have any queries, please email with the subject Poster Competition