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Reaching out worldwide: A word from our founder

Written by Paul Cann, Co-founder, Campaign to End Loneliness and CEO, Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection. Heralding a landmark in the loneliness community It is a truth, almost universally acknowledged, that loneliness is part of the human condition: the primal desire to connect with others for safety, comfort and sustenance. Since we launched the…
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Young people and loneliness: How digital communities foster local connection

Elle Thwaites is an AHRC-funded PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Leeds, and is currently on placement with the Campaign to End Loneliness. Loneliness in under-30s: the current outlook It’s no secret that in recent years, many aspects of life have been relocated to online spaces. We video call friends and family, meet…
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Rebuilding social connection is vital

Dr Vivek Murthy, United States Surgeon General, shared why rebuilding social connection and tackling loneliness is vital for individual and wider societal health and wellbeing, at the Campaign to End Loneliness international conference. The quality of our connections matter “Loneliness is similar to hunger or thirst. It’s a warning sign that we need something to…
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