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Age differences in loneliness

A large body of research on loneliness focuses upon older adults only. A recent study by Luhmann and Hawkley broadens the knowledge gap by using data from a large nationally representative German study to describe and explain age differences in loneliness across the entire adult life span, from late adolescence to oldest old age. In…
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Loneliness, isolation and wellbeing in older age

In April, the NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR) and the Campaign to End Loneliness hosted a joint event to showcase some of the latest research into loneliness, isolation and wellbeing in older age. Over 200 delegates came – representing universities, local government, older people’s forums and charities. We heard about new evidence, debated…
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Hidden citizens: How can we identify loneliness in our communities?

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that addressing loneliness and social isolation among older people in our population has become something of a national priority in the United Kingdom. Secretaries of state and key ministers have made speeches about it, major national funders have set aside millions of pounds to address it and…
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Promising approaches for reducing loneliness and isolation

The devastating impact loneliness can have on our mental and physical health makes it an issue we simply cannot ignore. For a growing number of older people, loneliness defines and shatters their lives. But loneliness is also a deeply personal experience – unique to every individual; a problem with different causes and consequences for every…
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Reduce loneliness with technology, teaching and therapy

Here at the Campaign we try to keep up to date with the latest research into loneliness and the ways in which we can use it to help to tackle the issue. This month, we look at a study by Cohen-Mansfield and Perach which looked at a range of different interventions for tackling loneliness evaluated between…
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