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Marginalization and loneliness among sexual minorities: How are they linked?

Why are LGBTQ people more likely to be lonelier than heterosexuals peers?  This blog by Eddy Elmer, MA; PhD Student, Dept. of Sociology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam outlines the findings of a new large-scale study which he co-authored with Theo Van Tilburg and Tineke Fokkema. Read the full paper:  Minority Stress and Loneliness in a Global…
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Challenging loneliness, ageism and discrimination of older lesbian, gay and bisexual adults

There are many causes of loneliness. One important cause is feeling you cannot form meaningful relationships simply because you’re afraid to show who you really are. For gay, lesbian or bisexual people, growing older can be an isolating experience. Being scared to be yourself can mean social withdrawal, creating feelings of profound loneliness. James Taylor,…
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