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Ageing Better in Camden: What we learnt about tackling loneliness before and during Covid-19

Annabel Collins, Programme Manager at Ageing Better in Camden and Rob Francis, Associate Director at Traverse have kindly shared an evaluation of the Ageing Better in Camden programme which is focused on tackling loneliness and isolation amongst the borough’s older population. Staying connected during Covid-19 At the beginning of 2020, 64-year-old Shama was a regular…
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Bridging the digital divide

The second webinar of our series on Loneliness in the time of Covid-19 focused on bridging the digital divide. Over 100 participants from charities, local government, academia, and health and care came together to talk about their experiences and learning. In this blog post, we reflect on the insights they shared. An increase in digital…
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Tackling the inequalities of the digital divide in later life

One of the most striking things about lockdown has been the rapid escalation in the shift of work, services, activities and almost all aspects of daily life online. In this blog, we look at how charities and organisations can help tackle the digital divide. Digital exclusion  Exploring the power of digital technology to reduce loneliness…
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Digital by choice

Shelagh Marshall OBE is Chair of Age Action Alliance’s Loneliness and Isolation Working Group. Back in March 2020, she shared her story of loneliness and bereavement after losing her daughter. Since then, Coronavirus has forced us into lockdown and deprived many older people from seeing their families. In this blog, Shelagh shares how she’s staying…
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Coronavirus and social isolation

Covid-19 lockdowns between March 2020 and the start of 2021 have made it harder for people to maintain their social connections. On this page we have some information and ideas for how we can all combat social isolation and look out for each other during the spread of the virus. We’ll also link to the…
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Can digital technology help tackle loneliness?

Much of digital technology is about connecting people. But can it tackle loneliness amongst older people?