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Coffee Afrik: Bringing community together over a cup of coffee

We heard from Abdirahim Hassan, co-founder and MD of Coffee Afrik CIC, of how their hubs based in boroughs across London are connecting communities and tackling loneliness. Tackling loneliness has to start with healing In my view, place making or tackling loneliness has to start with healing and what healing looks like, through love and…
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Lessons from lockdown: Loneliness in the time of Covid-19

In this blog, Robin Hewings, Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness, introduces our report on lessons from the experience of tackling loneliness during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.    Loneliness in the time of Covid-19 The Covid-19 lockdown that started in March 2020 brought home the reality of social isolation and loneliness to…
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Why making ourselves vulnerable is key to addressing loneliness

On Sunday 16 February 2020, Kate Shurety travelled across London in the middle of Storm Dennis to speak and take part in a unique community event. The Aga Khan Social Welfare Board were holding their 2020 Convention called ‘Listening for Loneliness’. In this blog she shares what she learnt from the experience. A universal experience…
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Extra care housing: Reducing social isolation and strengthening community life

Jeremy Porteus, Director, Housing Learning and Improvement Network, talks about findings from a recent Housing LIN report – What role for extra care housing in a socially isolated landscape?  What the report shows Intuitively, just as we accept the law of gravity but cannot really explain it, we know that extra care housing must reduce…
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