Loneliness Explored – our podcast series on loneliness (2021)

Loneliness Explored was our limited series of podcasts on different aspects of loneliness produced during Covid-19.  Each episode looked at an aspect of loneliness whether it is bereavement, communities, conversations and psychology.  Many thanks to our expert contributors including:

  • Michelle Dawson, who has worked at the front line of social exclusion in the North-East in her role for the charity Ageing Better
  • Andy Langford, who draws on deep first hand experience at Cruse Bereavement Care  of helping the newly bereaved to find a way through their loneliness
  • Deborah Hardoon who is responsible for leading the What Works Centre for Wellbeing centre’s research on what works to improve people’s wellbeing in the UK
  • Lucy Selman from the University of Bristol, and has in-depth perspective of grief from her academic work which  has focused on the  psychosocial and spiritual aspects of the illness experience; decision-making and communication; family care-giving and bereavement as well her experience in  founding the Good Grief Festival.
  • Mike Niles from B-Friend, who founded the charity to reducing the loneliness of the elderly population in his local area of Doncaster – one of the most deprived areas in England
  • Dr Gillian Sandstrom from the University of Essex who brings her perspective as a psychological scientist studying social interaction to help people connect to each other.

You can download each episode from all the main podcast platforms or below.

Conversations to Connect 

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