Helping people make better connections

Helping people to make better connections is a key theme for TransPennine.

Public transport helps to keep people socially connected, either with existing connections, or by fostering new connections in stations or on the train as they go about their journey.

We were really pleased to be partners with the Campaign to End Loneliness to raise awareness of the issue of loneliness, and signpost our customers and colleagues to find support in making social connections. As the global pandemic has forced people to stay at home, now that restrictions are easing, it is more important than ever for people to get together again to reconnect with friends and family.

As well as providing information to support TransPennine staff, we have been helping support customers on their journeys with information available at stations and on their trains across their network

Find out more about the journeys you can make with TransPennine Express.

Chatty benches 

We know that a small moment of connection during someone’s day can have a real impact in alleviating feelings of loneliness.

That’s why we have supported TransPennine’s work in creating chatty benches on every platform across their 19 stations.

We hope these benches will encourage customers travelling through stations to say hello, and have a quick chat or conversation with someone who may be sitting on the bench. Even if it’s just a comment on the weather or an enquiry about their journey, speaking to someone can make a real difference.