It is with great pleasure to announce that from the 1st of May 2024, the legacy of the Campaign to End Loneliness has been transferred to the Centre for Loneliness Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. As we embark on a new era for the Campaign to End Loneliness, we aim to continue the work that has been done over the past 13 years and to engage stakeholders from all sectors working on loneliness and social connectedness and expand the Campaign beyond the UK boarders.

Our approach at the Centre for Loneliness Studies fully aligns with the ethos of the Campaign to End Loneliness as we seek to understand the wider societal explanations for, and potential solutions to, loneliness across the life-course.

Inclusivity lies at the heart of the Campaign’s strategy going forward and co-Directors Prof Andrea Wigfield and Associate Prof Antonia Ypsilanti are keen to set up a new advisory board as soon as possible. Organisations of all sizes and from all sectors are invited to express an interest in joining the advisory board, as are individuals with lived experience of loneliness. Together we will continue to champion the Campaign’s ethos and bring about societal change to end loneliness.

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