One of our newest supporters in London Walk the Earth has just launched their intergenerational project where carers and volunteers of all ages learn how to be story-capturers to capture older people’s perspectives on life, at the end of their life using conversations captured on audio. Volunteers are currently starting to visit care homes and hospices around London and beyond.

Walk the earth is about the sharing of information and guidance through generations using sound, matching people’s perspectives on their life past with other generations dealing with similar situations now.

Walk the Earth was thought up by designer Alice Osborne her ethos is; ‘sometimes older people lose sight of their incredible contribution to the world as they age, and this is an opportunity for their voices to be heard. As humans we carry endless amounts of knowledge and wisdom that is of high value within society and is often lost between communities. We want to challenge this and build a human encyclopaedia of knowledge!’

The project will culminate in an online website, where you can visit and listen to stories and a physical exhibition in 2012; if you are interested in becoming a story capturer, have a story to tell or are a care home who would like to have stories captured please get in touch here.

You can learn more about Walk the Earth from their website: