The retired generation are working harder than ever – as volunteers, unpaid babysitters and pillars of communities. Shouldn’t there be a national event to celebrate them? Christabel Flight welcomes you to Silver Sunday.

Silver Sunday is an exciting new day dedicated to celebrating older people and their contributions to their communities. The day aims to give older people a chance to try new things, stay active, meet new people, combat loneliness and encourage intergenerational solidarity.

The very first Silver Sunday is being held on 7 October 2012, and there are lots of exciting events planned. This year, a pilot day will take place across the boroughs of Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea. Although it is only those areas now, we hope that other areas of London and the UK will organise similar events in 2013. The aim is for Silver Sunday to become a national day, taking place on the first Sunday in October each year.

Silver Sunday is also an opportunity to encourage good relationships between young and old, which we are keen to encourage. For example, this year, local schools have been approached to ask children to make a card for a grandparent or elderly neighbour, to give them on Silver Sunday. It is a day for community organisations or individuals to put on events for an older person.

If you live in central London, visit the Silver Sunday website to find out what’s going on near you and how to get involved.

Events already confirmed include a free tea dance, afternoon tea at the Ritz, a theatre walking tour and a range of free activities including pilates, line dancing and chair exercise. Silver Sunday has the support of a wide range of individuals and organisations, from Age UK and Contact the Elderly to the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners. Joanna Lumley is also a keen supporter of Silver Sunday. She said:

‘This is a special day for older people to get involved in community events and activities, to bring back some of the traditional community spirit.’

All events in the Tri-Borough area are listed on the website Westminster will be organising its Sixth annual Tea Dance on Silver Sunday as well as other events throughout the Borough. Although for 2012 Silver Sunday is a pilot in London, if you want to celebrate the day this year please let us know what you are planning and send in some photographs which will go on the website.

To find out more and how to get involved, visit or email

Christabel Flight has been involved in charitable organisations and campaigning activities for over a decade. Since she became a Councillor in 2006, Christabel has been working towards achieving a special day in the National Calendar for Older People.