Earlier this year Dame Esther Rantzen went to Torpoint Nursery and Infant School to launch a new project created by Headteacher Elisabeth Carney-Haworth to support both the children and older members of the community.

The initiative is called Silver Stories.

I had the privilege to visit Torpoint to see it in action for myself.

Children telephone a Silver Listener and read a short story or poem to them. This not only helps the children to become more confident in their reading skills but also links the children to older people in local communities.

We know that as a society there is a real issue of feelings of loneliness and isolation and many older people do not have the opportunity to have a conversation with the younger generation, sometimes they go from one week to another having not spoken to anyone.

This weekly contact makes such a difference to them.  One Silver Listener said, “Thank you that was wonderful. You have made my day.” Another said,  “You have put a big smile on my face.

As a Silver Listener all that is required is a telephone, a comfy chair and a listening ear!

If you feel this is a project you would like to know more about please contact us.

Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson is Founder of Bristol Grandparents Support Group. T: 07773258270 Email: jane@bgsg.co.uk

Headteacher Elisabeth Carney-Haworth would also be happy to hear from you to talk about how she set the project up.  Email: secretary@torpoint-inf.cornwall.sch.uk  T: 01752 812245