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Millions of men are hiding their loneliness

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Today the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness launches its spotlight month on loneliness (3rd May – 4th June 2017). The month-long campaign will be launched today by Rachel Reeves (Lab) and Seema Kennedy (Cons) and will shine a spotlight on male loneliness and explore practical solutions to addressing it. Research out today, conducted by RVS shows that millions of men across the UK are hiding feelings of loneliness.The study finds an estimated eight million (35 per cent) men feel lonely at least once a week, whilst for nearly three million (11 per cent) it’s a daily occurrence. More than one in 10 men also say they are lonely, but would not admit it to anyone.

Commenting on the survey about men and loneliness launched on May 3rd, Dr. Kellie Payne, Research and Policy Manager at the Campaign to End Loneliness, said:

“The Campaign to End Loneliness is pleased to be a partner of the Jo Cox Commission and support the work of the commission. These latest findings highlight some of the specific difficulties men have when it comes to experiencing, and talking about, loneliness. We need to remember that when it comes to developing solutions to tackle this challenging social issue”.

Co-chair of the Commission, Seema Kennedy said: “Many men may be reluctant to accept they need support to address loneliness, which is why projects such as the Men’s Sheds movement, as well as many others across the country, are so vital. Today we are calling on the public, businesses and government to consider what more could be done in their communities to tackle the problem – from starting their own men’s activity to simply making time to chat to those around them.”

More information about the spotlight month can be found here.