Why we work in Northern Ireland

We’re working in Northern Ireland to help find solutions and support action on ending loneliness for older people. We work collaboratively with civil society organisations, public services and private enterprises to encourage action on preventing and tackling loneliness.

Northern Ireland continues to experience change within a transitional post-conflict context with many unique circumstances including a land border, minority languages, devolved government and divided communities

Older people in Northern Ireland have protections from regional, national and international frameworks. This includes the UN Principles for Older People covering – Independence, Participation, Care, Self-fulfilment and Dignity. The Campaign to End Loneliness are launching our public campaign across Northern Ireland.

Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland with a population of 338,907 growing to 670,000 in the wider metropolitan area. There are 285,000 older people over the age of 65 living in Northern Ireland. That figure is predicted to grow to 608,493 for 60+ by 2039. 53% of 65+ have never accessed the internet. 4.5% live in communal establishments and 78,101 live alone*.

What we’re doing in Northern Ireland

Loneliness is not inevitable if we all play our part to tackle it. We believe that nobody who wants company should be without it. We have been holding community conversations, building connections, researching and campaigning to make this a reality in Northern Ireland and bring best value to the exciting work already taking place here to support older people.

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Fiona Murphy, Campaign Manager for Northern Ireland, is excited to be based in AgeNI as well as working from home. Fiona has worked in a variety of roles for Civil Society and the Public Sector to create and implement positive change, particularly for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.


*Age friendly profile for Northern Ireland, NISRA: https://www.nisra.gov.uk/