Why we work in Northern Ireland

We’re working in Northern Ireland to help find solutions and support action on ending loneliness for older people. We work collaboratively with civil society organisations, public services and private enterprises to encourage action on preventing and tackling loneliness.

Northern Ireland continues to experience change within a transitional post-conflict context, with many unique circumstances including a land border, minority languages, devolved government and divided communities.

Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland with a population of 338,907 growing to 670,000 in the wider metropolitan area. There are 285,000 older people over the age of 65 living in Northern Ireland. That figure is predicted to grow to 608,493 for 60+ by 2039. 53% of 65+ have never accessed the internet. 4.5% live in communal establishments and 78,101 live alone*.

What we’re doing in Northern Ireland

We have worked closely with many partners in the voluntary and public and voluntary sector to drive action on loneliness. Recent highlights include:

  • A ‘Day of Action’ where a wide range of organisations came together highlight loneliness with a series of events including at the City Hall.
  • An event at Stormont that decided to form a cross-party group on loneliness.

Get in touch

Robin Hewings, Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research.

*Age friendly profile for Northern Ireland, NISRA: https://www.nisra.gov.uk/