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Guest Blog: Nottingham’s Wall of Champions

Just before Christmas, Nottingham City Council and their partners put a wall up in the central square of the City.  In this blog, Nottingham City Council’s Steve Thorne tells us why. There’s been a lot of talk about building walls lately – but Nottingham’s Wall is about connecting people with each other, not dividing them….
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Guest blog: Follow your dog’s lead to bring Christmas spirit to lonely neighbours

Taking your favourite dog for a visit could be the way to break the ice with lonely or older neighbours this Christmas! This year, Barking Mad are issuing a call to action to all dog lovers to join them in sharing a little festive spirit in our neighbourhoods this year. It is so easy to be swept…
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Research blog: Designing effective loneliness interventions for older adults

In his blog, researcher Dhruv Sharma asks why in this ‘age of connectivity’, with so much research already carried out on loneliness interventions, we haven’t yet been able to solve the problem of chronic loneliness.  Dhruv has reviewed a range of loneliness interventions and concludes that there is a significant gap in the research around…
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Sometimes it’s OK to talk to strangers…

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and wondered about striking up a conversation with the person at the next table? Coffee Companions is a new initiative which helps you to know who does, and who doesn’t want to talk. Our guest blogger Caroline Billington tells us more. Plucking up courage is the start, but…
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Breaking the Spell of Loneliness

The Campaign to End Loneliness is proud to announce its support for a remarkable collaboration between writer and campaigner George Monbiot and leading folk singer and musician Ewan McLennan. Breaking The Spell of Loneliness is born out of the shared belief that nothing has greater potential to unite and delight than music. Monbiot and McLennan seek to use music to open up the issue of loneliness, and to…
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