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The triple taboo: childlessness, ageing and loneliness

What appears in our mid-thirties then reappears in our mid-sixties and affects people whether they are men, women, young or old, whatever ethnic origin or sexual orientation, wherever they live? The expectation to have children in our lives and in our family. Children can bring joy, but to an increasing number, the lack of children…
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150 years old and still helping others to tackle loneliness!

One of our longest serving partners celebrates, and we celebrate their involvement in the Campaign In case you didn’t know, with all of our policy, campaigning, research and good practice sharing, the core Campaign team is pretty small: just 3 people. However, we have a huge opportunity to maximise our impact through working with our…
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Big Lottery Fund money: the answer to loneliness?

Today, the Big Lottery Fund announces a new fund to tackle social isolation. As with every new idea, announcement, organisation, method or local initiative – the more the merrier. Around 3 million (30%) of those over 65 are lonely and with a growing older population, there is a risk that this number will increase in…
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Volunteering: an answer to tackling isolation and loneliness?

The Office of National Statistics announced today that those in older age groups value friendships and local associations more than younger people (64% of those aged 50 to 54 to over 80% of those aged 70 and over). This may not be surprising; those in the younger age group are still likely to be engaged…
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The Silver Line adds to a “milestone month” for the movement that is tackling loneliness

Today, the first pilot for The Silver Line launches in Manchester, and I am there to see this telephone helpline for older people born with the catchphrase “no question too big, no problem too small, no need to be alone”. Esther Rantzen, founder of The Silver Line charity says “we don’t want to replicate the rich…
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