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The challenges of volunteering during the pandemic

The fourth webinar of our series on Loneliness in the time of Covid-19 focused on volunteers. 50 participants from charities, local government, academia, and health and care came together to share experiences, challenges and ideas. In this blog, Dan Jones reflects on what we heard. Volunteers play a crucial role Throughout our discussions on Loneliness in the…
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How can we better support people who are shielding?

Ahead of our next Loneliness in the time of Covid-19 webinar on 18th August, Dan Jones, an associate of the Campaign, reflects on his experiences supporting a man in his community who is shielding, and the issues this raises for addressing loneliness in the next phase of the pandemic. My own experience  I met Steve…
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Will we forget the lessons we’ve learnt from Covid-19?

Kate Jopling reflects on the groups who may need extra support in addressing loneliness as we move into the next phase of the Covid-19 crisis, who we’ll be talking about more in our next ‘Loneliness in the time of Covid-19’ discussions. Lifting of restrictions The (home) school holidays are finally here, and a rapid lifting…
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The Psychology of Loneliness: Why it matters and what we can do

To mark the launch of our landmark report on ‘The Psychology of Loneliness’, our Head of Research, Policy and Innovation, Dr Kalpa Kharicha, has written a blog on the importance of using psychological approaches to help tackle loneliness, and why it’s important for more research to be carried out in this area. Introducing our new…
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Bridging the digital divide

The second webinar of our series on Loneliness in the time of Covid-19 focused on bridging the digital divide. Over 100 participants from charities, local government, academia, and health and care came together to talk about their experiences and learning. In this blog Dan Jones reflects on the insights they shared. An increase in digital…
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