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The launch of the Jo Cox Commission gives us permission to connect with others

  Laura Alcock-Ferguson, Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness, celebrates the launch of the Jo Cox Commission Last week I heard a mother ask her little girl, who was watching a group of children playing nearby in the park “do you want to go and speak to them?” The 3-year-old girl seemed to need…
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Guest Blog: Nottingham’s Wall of Champions

Just before Christmas, Nottingham City Council and their partners put a wall up in the central square of the City.  In this blog, Nottingham City Council’s Steve Thorne tells us why. There’s been a lot of talk about building walls lately – but Nottingham’s Wall is about connecting people with each other, not dividing them….
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Invitation to tender: research into the cost-effectiveness of loneliness interventions

We at the Campaign are commissioning a new research project looking at the cost-effectiveness of loneliness interventions. Click here to read  an invitation to tender for the Campaign to End Loneliness. We are looking for a team of researchers to work on a discrete project for us looking at the cost effectiveness of loneliness interventions….
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