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The Silver Line

In the past few months there has been a crescendo of noise about loneliness. First came Jeremy Hunt’s speech to the National Children and Adult Services conference. Then Age UK published a survey which found that 450,000 older people faced Christmas alone this year. And finally last week we launched new research showing that three quarters of GPs…
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Just over half of England’s health and wellbeing boards now acknowledge loneliness and isolation

In June we published our ‘Ignoring the Health Risks?’ report, tracking whether the newly established health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) across England had prioritised the public health issues of loneliness and isolation within their strategies. With 128 of 152 Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWS) published, we found that 61 had at least acknowledged loneliness…
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Lonely visits to the GP

Many of us have long been aware, if only anecdotally, of the impact loneliness can have on GP surgeries. We wrote about this earlier this year and use the example of Dr Jonathan Tomlinson, who wrote this excellent blog about a fictional lonely patient. Since then, the Campaign has been doing more digging in this…
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Why is Christmas such a hard time to be alone?

A new poll conducted for the charity Age UK has today revealed that 450,000 older people say they are going to spend Christmas Day alone this year. A quarter of those surveyed said they were “not looking forward to Christmas this year” – with memories of loved ones who were no longer with them being…
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What you can do about loneliness in your neighbourhood?

Today JRF and JRHT are launching a free resource pack setting out what you can do to reduce loneliness where you are. Tracey Robbins  from JRF explains: Loneliness affects us all, and affects us in the places and communities where we spend our lives. Almost half of all adults in England say they experience feelings of loneliness,…
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