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Big Lottery Fund money: the answer to loneliness?

Today, the Big Lottery Fund announces a new fund to tackle social isolation. As with every new idea, announcement, organisation, method or local initiative – the more the merrier. Around 3 million (30%) of those over 65 are lonely and with a growing older population, there is a risk that this number will increase in…
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Volunteering: an answer to tackling isolation and loneliness?

The Office of National Statistics announced today that those in older age groups value friendships and local associations more than younger people (64% of those aged 50 to 54 to over 80% of those aged 70 and over). This may not be surprising; those in the younger age group are still likely to be engaged…
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100 Days of Solitude

Results from a new survey of over 1,000 older people released today suggest that people aged over-65s spend on average over 6 waking hours alone every day. Added up, this is equates to a significant 99 days a year. The survey also found that 24% reported feeling lonely “some or most of the time” and…
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Preventing and alleviating loneliness for older women

The world is ageing, and while men and women often experience some of the same fundamental effects of ageing they also experience some considerable differences. Women are not only subject to specific challenges, but often a huge part of their lives are filled with making significant contributions to their families, communities and to the wider…
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