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Loneliness Harms Health: getting started in Staffordshire

In this blog, our Campaigns Officer Marianne explains how Staffordshire has established a Loneliness Harms Health campaign, and offers advice on campaigning before the 1st of April – when health and wellbeing boards officially adopt their statutory duties. In early January we had an energetic session at the Beth Johnson Foundation in Stoke-on-Trent to kick-start…
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Loneliness Harms Health: Sefton and Staffordshire

A new year brings new areas for the Campaign to work in.  Having successfully mobilised local people across Cornwall and Essex to raise awareness of the health implications of loneliness in older age, the Campaign has now arrived in Sefton and Staffordshire. This time it seems there’ll be even more collaborative campaigning – in Staffordshire,…
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