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Celebrating the silver years

The retired generation are working harder than ever – as volunteers, unpaid babysitters and pillars of communities. Shouldn’t there be a national event to celebrate them? Christabel Flight welcomes you to Silver Sunday. Silver Sunday is an exciting new day dedicated to celebrating older people and their contributions to their communities. The day aims to…
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Recent research into loneliness, health and wellbeing

Loneliness has regularly made it into the headlines over recent months as newly published research caused national papers to proclaim that “Loneliness can shorten your life” and a “Stiff upper lip condemns 190,000 older men to loneliness”. Evidence that loneliness can physically harm us will probably continue to fuel dramatic headlines as our collective memory…
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Loneliness Harms Health campaigns: Success and Next Steps

We’re beginning to make headway with our Loneliness Harms Health campaigns. We were delighted to learn last month the Cornwall Health and Wellbeing Board was overwhelmed by the number of letters and consultation responses received highlighting the issue of loneliness and have assured us that loneliness and isolation in older age will now definitely be…
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