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Save our Buses: Defending the country’s ‘get up and go’

An update from Alice Ridley of the Campaign for Better Transport. Buses are our most popular form of public transport, accounting for two-thirds of journeys, and the favoured mode of transport for older people and those on low incomes. Ageing decreases mobility so it is extremely important that there is a safe, accessible and reliable…
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What would you give for solitude

A poem by David Edwards. – Do not mistake solitude for loneliness, For solitude brings its own friends. It can bring peace and understanding, The joyous sound of children laughing Echoing across the years. The clink of glasses, Raised in ceremonious hope, A fingertip touch, that meant so much more. Solitude has time for you,…
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Summit on combating loneliness, hosted by Paul Burstow MP

The Campaign to End Loneliness and the Department of Health are holding a Summit to combat loneliness in older age on the 15th of March 2012.

If video killed the radio star, has the internet killed off televison?

Forbes contributor David Coursey recently discussed the so-called ‘death of TV’ caused, he suggested, by a never-ending advance of technology. Why bother with the old-fangled television when we can all watch hours of free and endless content on our iPods, mobile telephones, game consoles, and Internet-connected PCs? Well, yes, that’s all well and good if…
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Measuring Loneliness

It is hardly a surprise to be told, as we were this week by the Office for National Statistics, that having good friendships and relationships improves our quality of life. Last Tuesday, it was announced that out of the respondents to a recent ONS survey reporting high levels of satisfaction with life, 84.2% said they…
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