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Team v: Combating Loneliness Together

Tracey Herald explains how a network of young adults are working to change society for the better through campaigning and community action. Team v is a new network powered by young people who are socially aware and want to change things for the better. This exciting new programme is run by vinspired and gives 18…
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Downsizing – weighing the risk of a lonely life

There is a risk to downsizing. Too often transitions, like moving out of a long term family home, mean a loss of social and emotional connections and a lowered resilience to loneliness. Long term residence in one community has been suggested, for example in Wenger and Burholt’s 2004 study, as a good indicator that someone…
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Nizar Pasalic: Between Days

It is thanks to the blogger Charlotte Overton-Hart that we came across this short film, Between Days, from the Danish filmmaker and photographer Nizar Pasalic. In just 8 and a half minutes, Pasalic beautifully captures the loss and love felt by an 80-year old Bosnian man who is apart from his wife for the first…
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Why do you drink?

The NHS revealed yesterday that alcohol-related hospital admissions have soared for people aged over 65, an increase of 163% in just 10 years. Another organisation monitoring substance misuse has found that the levels of alcohol drunk by this age group has been steadily increasing, and will only continue to as our population ages. Whilst moderate…
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