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7 Days of Isolation

Louise Fisher writes about her experience of taking part in Friends of the Elderly’s Isolation Week. “Shutting my door last night on my usual active life for seven days and seven nights, gave me the first indication of what lay ahead this week. I suddenly felt very stuck and hemmed in.” Could I live without…
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Small Acts of Connection

A recent study by the University of California, Berkeley, found that (positive) feelings of connection encouraged people to – in their words – “do good”. One experiment found participants were more likely to volunteer for a charity after reading words such as ‘community’ and ‘relationships’ than those given neutral terms, such as ‘lamp’. Another test…
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Esther Rantzen writes about ‘Lonely Britain’

In August, Esther Rantzen wrote for the Daily Mail, describing her personal experience of persistent loneliness after being widowed. After a “huge and heartfelt” response from members of the public (and a letter from us at the Campaign to End Loneliness) she has written a second article. You can read the full piece online here:…
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Loneliness and the Third Age

This week Campaign supporter ‘Granny Smith’, from Lewisham, reflects on companionship, colleagues and the University of the Third Age. The campaign to prevent loneliness is brilliant, so why are relatively few lonely people flocking to join?  Loneliness, unlike simply being alone, is a taboo – only failures, Nobby –no-mates, are lonely. A few weeks ago…
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Connecting the generations online

Howard Bashford from Finerday explains the inspiration behind his work and the benefits of simple strategies to keep people across all generations connected. Four years ago, Lilla Harris, a nurse and mother of three boys, managed a care home in Leicester. Of her many concerns for her residents, one was that every morning many of…
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