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We help organisations tackle loneliness; whether they are small charities in your local area, your local authority or large national charities and government departments.

We offer them the latest information based on research and examples of good practice from our supporters. Together, we aim to create the right conditions so that more people who are lonely are helped by the thousands of organisations working to tackle loneliness across the UK.

Latest from the Campaign

  • Loneliness is the “biggest challenge” facing refugees and migrants in London March 11, 2015

    In late 2014, The Forum – a charity supporting migrant and refugee communities and individuals in their integration into British society -  published some new research that explored the experiences of loneliness through the eyes of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in London. Interviews were conducted with a wide range of people – from those who…
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  • What is “social capital” and why does it matter? March 2, 2015

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released a new report that analyses the levels of ‘social capital’ in the United Kingdom. This is a slightly jargon-y word that explains the different types of social connections in our lives, and all the benefits they bring. The new report from the ONS looks at four aspects…
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  • Promising Approaches to Reducing Loneliness and Isolation January 26, 2015

    The devastating impact loneliness can have on our mental and physical health makes it an issue we simply cannot ignore. For a growing number of older people, loneliness defines and shatters their lives. But loneliness is also a deeply personal experience– unique to every individual; a problem with different causes and consequences for every one…
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  • Research showcase: Loneliness, prevention and wellbeing
    Friday 17th April 2015 at 10.00 - 16.30

    This research showcase – jointly hosted by the NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR) and the Campaign to End Loneliness – focuses on research into loneliness, social isolation, wellbeing and prevention.

    This event will be an opportunity for delegates to:

    • Hear about research findings focusing on loneliness, isolation, prevention and wellbeing across the life-course
    • Improve understanding of wellbeing and loneliness, and take away ideas about how to make positive changes, for example to social care commissioning or service provision
    • Network with colleagues working in similar areas
    • Identify and discuss some of the gaps in the current research base on loneliness and isolation.

    For more information, and to book your free place, click here.

Campaign to End Loneliness
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  • How male carers lacking support are particularly vulnerable to isolation and loneliness
  • Research evaluating the impact of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness programme.

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