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We help organisations tackle loneliness; whether they are small charities in your local area, your local authority or large national charities and government departments.

We offer them the latest information based on research and examples of good practice from our supporters. Together, we aim to create the right conditions so that more people who are lonely are helped by the thousands of organisations working to tackle loneliness across the UK.

Latest from the Campaign

  • The policy implications of loneliness… February 19, 2015

    “The loneliest and most socially isolated individuals have consistently lower levels of subjective wellbeing than older people who are more socially connected.” To those reading this blog, such a statement is unlikely to be much of a surprise.  It is, however,  one of three key findings from a report, released today, by the International Longevity…
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  • The triple taboo: childlessness, ageing and loneliness February 2, 2015

    What appears in our mid-thirties then reappears in our mid-sixties and affects people whether they are men, women, young or old, whatever ethnic origin or sexual orientation, wherever they live? The expectation to have children in our lives and in our family. Children can bring joy, but to an increasing number, the lack of children…
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  • Promising Approaches to Reducing Loneliness and Isolation January 26, 2015

    The devastating impact loneliness can have on our mental and physical health makes it an issue we simply cannot ignore. For a growing number of older people, loneliness defines and shatters their lives. But loneliness is also a deeply personal experience– unique to every individual; a problem with different causes and consequences for every one…
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  • Research exploring the connections between poor health and loneliness
  • How male carers lacking support are particularly vulnerable to isolation and loneliness
  • Research evaluating the impact of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) Neighbourhood Approaches to Loneliness programme.

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